Friday, April 26, 2013

My Experience with Dr. Oz's 3 Day Detox Cleanse

A recap of all three days:

Day one: Honestly, day one was the easiest day for me to get through.  I was still excited, motivated, and all about this detox.  I felt pretty good at the end of day one, I had a slight headache and was a little fatigued by bedtime but nothing crazy.  I also slept like a rock and had an easier than normal time getting out of bed the next day.

Day two: Day two was rough for me, and I mean rough!  Headaches, cloudiness, and fatigue set in right around breakfast and lasted the duration of the day.  I'm lucky because my fiance did this with me, if I would have seen him eating pizza, pasta, or pretty much anything other than the smoothie for dinner I probably would have caved come time for my dinner smoothie.  By the end of the day my head was killing me!  The bath really helped, and I fell asleep earlier than normal and slept great!

Day three: Day three was about a million times better than day two, if you decide to give this a go don't give up!  I woke up feeling well rested, clear headed, and alert.  I still had a hard time getting the lunch smoothie down but I made it!  Dinner was a little tough too, I was more than ready to chew something.  Who knew how important chewing would be.  I also fell asleep early, slept extremely well, and felt well rested in the morning.

The smoothies: 

The breakfast smoothie was pretty good, I'm not a huge fan of banana but I still liked it enough to get through all three days without any issues.  I did this detox with a few coworkers and my fiance, and most people seemed to this this smoothie best.

The lunch smoothie was enormous and probably my least favorite.  I do green juices and smoothies so I'm pretty use to the taste of cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, etc.. mixed with fruit but the texture gave me a little bit of trouble.  Adding a little bit of water to thin it out seemed to help a bit, but it was still a thick smoothie.  This was the least favorite of the group.

The dinner smoothie has a pretty good kick to it because of the cayenne pepper, but overall it wasn't too bad. I personally liked this smoothie best.

I didn't do the snack smoothies, in part because I wasn't hungry but also because I was working, and running around during all three days and didn't have the time.  The timing wasn't exactly ideal to do a detox, but with a little planning I was able to make it work.

At the end.... 

  • I honestly felt better, more clear headed, and lighter...much much lighter
  • For my first meal post-detox I wanted something simple and easy to digest.  This surprised me, I thought for sure I was going to want an extra large cheese pizza
  • I could see a major difference in the way my skin looked
  • My stomach was noticeably flatter and less bloated
  • I slept like a rock all three nights
  • I lost 4lbs (really the icing on the cake).  I'm curious to see if it stays off or not.  Assuming I maintain good eating and exercise habits I imagine it should.

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